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R2S Forensic delivers products and services to a diverse range of global clients.

Utilising our unique product, R2S, we support clients who are conducting incident investigations, planning for complex security situations, cataloguing critical infrastructure, and carrying out complex presentations in court.

We also provide a range of technical services to public and private sector clients. Our team is comprised of technical experts including former senior police officers, experienced forensic analysts, professional photographers and leading 3D modellers.


R2S played a crucial role in the security preparations for the 2013 G8 conference of world leaders in Enniskillen. In the months prior to the 2-day summit, the Police Service of Northern Ireland used Version 2 of the software to record areas in and around the Lough Erne Resort. This detailed visual record of the venue’s interiors and exteriors was used as a planning tool by those who had no access to the complex. Closer to the summit, it was then used to brief politicians and security personnel at the highest level.

The completed project was also supplied on Windows tablets and laptops, providing security staff with quick and easy access to data from any location on or off site.

Davie Cairns: Police Service, Northern Ireland


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R2S technology used to photographically capture crime scenes providing intuitive presentation of evidence in court.

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