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R2S Forensic delivers products and services to a diverse range of global clients.

Utilising our unique product, R2S, we support clients who are conducting incident investigations, planning for complex security situations, cataloguing critical infrastructure, and carrying out complex presentations in court.

R2S has revolutionised the way data is recorded and presented and can be used to aid and support all aspects of planning, training and investigation.

R2S provides:

  • High definition 360 degree images that create a fully interactive, virtual walk through of an area,
  • Full measurement capability within spherical images,
  • Drag and drop hotspots to embed or link to any relevant information such as videos, audio, 3D models, photographs, documents and URL’s.

The R2S system is technically advanced, but simple to use. The software enables all case-related material to be digitized, interlinked and shared across secure networks to maximise collaboration opportunities. R2S allows the latest evidential updates to be instantly viewed and authorised by users in any location and also provides users with detailed visual and factual analysis of the area at any time throughout the project. It also delivers a permanent navigable visual record of that location or asset once a project is complete.


R2S played a crucial role in the security preparations for the 2013 G8 conference of world leaders in Enniskillen. In the months prior to the 2-day summit, the Police Service of Northern Ireland used Version 2 of the software to record areas in and around the Lough Erne Resort. This detailed visual record of the venue’s interiors and exteriors was used as a planning tool by those who had no access to the complex. Closer to the summit, it was then used to brief politicians and security personnel at the highest level.

The completed project was also supplied on Windows tablets and laptops, providing security staff with quick and easy access to data from any location on or off site.

Davie Cairns: Police Service, Northern Ireland

Nationwide Expert Witness Service has worked with R2S Forensic since 2009 and have utilised their high quality Forensic Services offerings for a wide range of clients. Their ability to produce excellent reports in a timely fashion has never faltered. From CCTV enhancements, to scene captures, to complex motion data analysis, R2S Forensic have a wide range of expertise at their fingertips. Their breadth of knowledge is of considerable value to our team and we hope to work with them for many years to come.

Gordon Thomson, Nationwide Expert Witness Service, Scotland

We use the R2S software on an almost daily basis and have achieved several notable successes.

These include, the reconstruction of a complicated fatal shooting incident in Cambridgeshire, in which the effective presentation of complex casework received praise from the presiding judge. Equally, it was also used very effectively in the conviction of the serial killer Joanna Denehey, a case comprising incredible quantities of detailed and multifaceted evidential material.

As a reconstruction platform for effectively cataloguing and presenting Major Crime casework it’s our first choice.

Sean Doyle, Scientific Services - Joint Protective Services for Bedfordshire Police, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Constabularies

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