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R2S Visual Asset Management

Maintaining and preserving remote infrastructures, often in severe weather, is a daunting task. Continuously exposing staff to these conditions is unavoidable. R2S Visual Asset Management VAM has worked with a number of clients carrying out fabric and maintenance projects on mature assets. Capturing installations using R2S allows analysis of corrective scope, the challenge of practices and methodologies and enhances third-party collaboration. Corrosion detection and inspection can be carried out at the desktop. Planning and preparation of work packs is streamlined, incorporating information from a variety of sources and systems.

There is less need to make multiple visits to the asset which not only increases efficiencies and reduces OPEX, but encourages strategic planning such as:

  •          enterprise asset management,
  •          lifecycle costing,
  •          minimise cost of ownership,
  •          decommissioning scope.